About us

When we started this business in 2008 we were still looking to develop and provide the best to our customers

by finding all the solutions available in the work of gladding and curtain wall. The content of our work is to design and present proposals for the packaging of building facades of all materials: glass- marble - aluminum - wood - ceramic, and the work is within a structure that connects mechanically by sections and accessories made of steel, and aluminum that we manufacture. We have installed more than one million square meters of all the materials we work in. It is possible to receive a project and start the necessary designs and calculate the required materials and process and send them to the sites and we are ready to provide all services from installation, processing and design of any work related to the design of the facades of the buildings. We are always looking forward through the vision of Engineer Fadhil, who started this work, to constantly develop and keep up with the world with all the new. Ready to operate all over the world: as Turkey and Istanbul are a commercial center for the whole world.